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GOZO- Circuit Overload






GOZO- Circuit Overload

In my installation, I’ve attempted to capture the playfulness of the Brazilian attitude toward sex with a visual interpretation incorporating words, color and form. Some of the words have no English translation, but the objects and painting also convey the nuances of their meaning. Words, gestures, sounds, deep moans, smells, and the taste of a kiss.  As if the brain engages at every level in a happiness without end. Everything accelerates until the whole body reaches its climax like an electrical circuit overload: The energy that creates life, makes the heART pound, and leaves us gasping for more.

I invite the viewer to interact with the installation by using the peep hole. Immerse yourself take a peek.


CAFUNE- running your fingers through the hair of a lover.

XODO- Sweetheart, loving involvement.

TESAO- Horny


SEX O  Group Exhibition 

Piano Craft Gallery - Boston

May 2019

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