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Forms that emerge from shadows of Self can be both beautiful and repulsive in fearful times. They embody both the dangerous and the transformative aspects of authentic individuality. These creatures cut, glued, painted and photographed suggest a an exploration of what lies behind masks of fear and conformity as the world strives to regain normalcy in a time of pandemic, a time when we balance survival of the body with endurance of our uniquely human spirit. We will evolve to meet each new threat and to continue to be heard. Behind our masks, we are complicated, creative, and colorful creatures that will always disturb and demand a reaction or response. Like a fly in the food chain, individuality is a critical link in the human lifecycle. If the goal of a society who seeks normalcy at any cost were to exterminate or expel all these creatures to keep things from spoiling, it would continue to fail as it always has.
Sid Degois


Sid Degois/Paper Art and
Concept Design (Instagram
Vanessa Lara/ Photography (Instagram
Andreza Moon/ Body Painting (Instagram @andrezamoon)
Bernadette Divito/ Assistant Body Painting (Instagram @yogisplay)

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